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  Welcome To Our Global Trade Desk

Who We Are?

We are a Global Consultation Management Organization that has adapted a private financial community of Consultation Advisors offering alternative and traditional finance solutions through our custom banking services.

What We Do?

We operate a transactional funding and income management system that supports private and public transactions such as project developments, sales/acquisitions, imports/exports, personal and business transactions.

What We Offer?

We offer clients the opportunity to self-monetize, direct and endorse income to support private and public transactions. In other words, bridge and or close the monetary and income gaps against the transaction.

Stop! before registering to our system, read and follow the instructions below.

Getting Started

You're here today because you either have a transaction that requires monetization or you're seeking an opportunity to generate additional income. Either way, we welcome you. We're interested in learning about you as you are about us and we look forward to building a unionized experience with you.

Before accepting our invitation, here are some key points on how to navigate our system.

1. After you fill in your details below, you will be redirected to our "Thank You" page.2. Follow the instructions in the "Thank You" page.
3. Check your inbox or spam folder to receive our "Service Initiative Plan" invitation.4. Fill out and complete the "Service Initiative Plan" invitation.
5. Once you submit your "Service Initiative Plan" invitation, you will receive an email with further instructions to access our community platform as a client or network as an independent.

To access our service initiative plan, fill out your details below.

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